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Sun Hydraulics NF** And NC** Needle Cartridges - Two Port

Sun Hydraulics adjustable needle valves offer excellent metering characteristics for accurate and precise control of flow. (The NC*B versions also offer a high capacity reverse flow check.)


  • A balanced adjusting mechanism for low operating effort with high load pressures.
  • A sharp-edged orifice design that minimizes flow variation due to changes in viscosity. (Most viscosity variations are due to changes in fluid temperature.)
  • Optional needle orifice ranges available in most frame sizes. (.16 to .56 in [4 to 14,2 mm])
  • Positive shutoff of flow when closed. (Maximum leakage of 5 drops/min.)
  • Five turns of adjustment.
Part Number Cavity Size Flow Capacity (l/min)* Orifice Diameter Datasheet Link
NFBC-LCN T-162A 20 4 View Datasheet Buy Now
NFCC-LCN T-13A 28 4.8 View Datasheet Buy Now
NFCD-LFN T-13A 80 8.4 View Datasheet Buy Now
NFDD-LGN T-5A 200 12.7 View Datasheet Buy Now
NCCB-LCN T-13A 28 4.8 View Datasheet Buy Now
NCEB-LCN T-5A 45 6.4 View Datasheet Buy Now
*(at 7bar differential)

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