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Sun Hydraulics PB*B Pilot Operated Reducing Cartridges - Three Port

Pilot-operated, pressure reducing valves are ideal for circuits with multiple pressure requirements to be operated with only a single pump because of the high primary pressure at the inlet port 2 to a constant reduced pressure at port 1.


  • Low hysteresis for accurate pressure regulation and good stability.
  • High flow capacity relative to physical size.
  • High reverse flows from port 1 to port 2 may cause the main spool to close. (If reverse flow is required, use an external reverse flow check.)
  • Very flat pressure override vs. flow characteristics.
  • Low pilot flow out of port 3 (7 to 20 in3/min [0,11 to 0,33 L/min] depending on frame size). If pilot flow is critical, consider using direct acting versions.
  • Dynamic response is slower than with direct acting valves.
  • Recommended maximum inlet pressure is determined by the adjustment range. Ranges A, B, N, and Q are tested with a 3000 psi (210 bar) maximum differential between inlet and reduced pressure. Range W is tested with 5000 psi (350 bar) of inlet pressure.
Part Number Cavity Size Flow Capacity l/min) Pressure Adjustment Range (bar) Datasheet Link
PBDB-LWN T-11A 40 10,5-315 View Datasheet Buy Now
PBFB-LWN T-2A 80 10,5-315 View Datasheet Buy Now
PBHB-LWN T-17A 160 10,5-315 View Datasheet Buy Now
PBJB-LWN T-19A 320 10,5-315 View Datasheet Buy Now

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